The Importance of Vision

The phrase “Start with the end in mind” is one that anyone familiar with personal development, venture psychology, business growth and creating success in life and business will be familiar with.

Earlier today, we worked with a client who during a 2 day intensive piece several months ago created the seed of what we believe will be a very successful global brand.

However two months on, after some personal challenges (health and family), she was clear that she was confused and had lost / questioned her direction.

As a result, the results produced were not what she or we expected.

In our short time together today, what was clear from her speaking and thinking, let alone her actions, was that the vision for the venture, that at the time, had so inspired her had been lost.

What was magical as we started to unpack what had gone on, was how much she had learnt for herself, and also how much was now ready organically due to the key steps we had taken during our brief 2 day work before. Her web portfolio was now on the first page of google, her web systems had been tested, clear next steps were there to be taken which would provide massive leverage, and much more.

Sometime the seed needs time to germinate. Give your venture and your vision time to grow. – Simon Hedley

This global brand was a new step for her, and while we can see the process to get from A to B, for her it was an unknown territory.

During our work today, we represenced and expanded the vision, both for her life, for the venture and most importantly for the clients that the venture will serve and protect directly, and indirectly.

She is going to complete our Self-Assessment Questionnaire a new with her new viewpoints and saw how having a live bright vision was essential, both for her to be inspired and accountable for taking action, and also to be able to bring together the team that the venture will need.

While it is tempting for us to provide “the vision”, it is her venture, not ours, however as we move towards no being engaged as a strategic partner, the opportunities to more fully shape and support the growth are clear.

We hope this short and for confidentiality reasons anonymised story will give you some insight into what, why and how important the vision is.

If you don’t know where you want to end up, no one can help you get there. – Simon Hedley


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