The importance of direction

Over the last quarter, we’ve had the luck to work with a number of passionate, intelligent entrepreneurs. Some are at the start up stage, and some working on ventures that have already raised and invested £10m+ into their launch, and others that are producing £1bn+ in revenues.

The consistent finding is those that have a clarity of direction and vision have a certainty, a flow and a synchronicity which is mathematically significant.

The current economic climate many would say is a “depression”, however despite this, people are staying able to buy their coffees, travel on flights, watch the movies and in short create business flow.

It’s been fascinating to watch people who are about to have the break they have been working towards for so long, self-sabotage at the last minute, as their attitude hasn’t really stepped forward into what’s possible and what they truly want to create.

I’ve always known the power of Venture Visioning™ and it’s one of the areas I love to work with for clients, partners and friends.

Consider this, if you had an extra £100k in the bank today, what would you do differently this year? this month? this week? today?

How many of you actually know today what you’d do if that happened tomorrow?

Would you be the same person?

What about the rest of your team?

It’s all too easy to get caught up in “Positive Thinking” or “Day Dreaming”, however there is a power in being able to see what makes you an individual and how you may choose to be in different settings.

The attitude and the focus will help you ride the roller-coaster and the adventure that running a business or venture truly is.

We’ve talked a lot about and how more and more people are creating new opportunities and businesses.

If you don’t have your own vision for your venture, your own direction, you can not help but be taken over and led by others.

You have a massive opportunity now to create what you truly want to this year, next year and beyond.

I hope you take some time to pause and consider what direction you would really love to move into.



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