How many of us know exactly what we need to be happy moving forward with our lives and our ventures?

How much of that list is already in place? How much extra is in place today?

What is the impact of that extra “clutter”?

Consider for a few minutes your house / flat / place of residence…:

  • How many clothes are in your wardrobe? How many have you worn in the last 3 months? How many will you never wear again?
  • How many cds / dvds / magazines have remained unread and unwatched?
  • How many pieces of paper / notes are in a pile to be transcribed / followed up?
  • How many business cards not yet in the system and ageing day by day?
  • How much food in your fridge / freezer / pantry is going off today or this week?

This may seem overly simple but it is all too common for everyone to acquire things we THINK will be useful, which in fact are distractions from going where we want to go.

There is a great model of human experience that we use with out VIP clients which for now we’ll call “The Iceberg“.

One of the most telling things which creates the biggest Ahas is that our environment is a huge impactor of who we are, our ventures and our successes.

While the crazy professor genius may at times have a “chaotic” looking space, the truth is that life loves order.

Being prepared to act, being agile, knowing where things are, and being able to get to them quickly and easily is essential for a successful life and venture.

Consider all the purchases/investments over the last ten years that looking back have not been optimal, how much nest egg/war chest would that now have been?

So.. keeping this post .. simplified…

I think the idea that is obvious is that we’re suggesting you just consider from a blank slate / clean slate, what you really actually want and need to move forward.

For us know.. we know that with a credit card, an iphone and an iPad / Macbook Air we can get on a plane and go anywhere at anytime quite happily, having simplified our lives,
our systems and  our ventures.

If you want a fun exercise / game… go to a table, and empty out all your pockets on you – your jeans / jacket / suit.. you hangbag / messenger bag / laptop bag.
Look at what you are carrying and how you are carrying them.
What do you notice?
What is opening up for you, that you could do simply now (We like Simplification), that would move you in the right direction?

Once you have the option, then you have freedom to choose.

Next Steps:

  • If you’ve completed the VSO Self-Assessment questionnaire, construct your inventory list from that end place.. starting with the end in mind as they say.
  • If you haven’t yet completed the VSO Self-Assessment questionnaire, then we recommend you click here now and invest some time into yourself and your venture.
  • If you’d like some help with creating your vision or starting to simplify your life and your venture , complete your self-assessment and get in touch.

Till next time..


Simon Hedley
VSO™ Strategist

Venture Visioning™ | Simplification | Optimisation
Helping you get you and your venture from where you are to where you want to be. 


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