Read This Change Your Life

Case Study: Read This Change Your Life

Read This Change Your LifeWe have been working with the team behind to develop the clear vision for this exciting start up, as well as the strategic planning for the next 12 months.

The Vision:

Read This Change Your Life™


  • The initial idea was a simple idea, as all the best ideas are, to bring together all the books that people love to share into one place.

The Challenges:

  • Curating a global website with millions of books in 100s of languages while maintaining the integrity of the platform and the ability to help the users of the resource.
  • Getting the buy in from the key publishers, authors, and stake holders.
  • Getting awareness for the project.
  • Keeping the content useful.

Our Engagement

  • We are engaged as a Strategic Partner with Read This Change Your Life™.

Our Results to Date:

  • We have produced a strategic plan, that covers the roll out with key KPI metrics and milestones.
  • Several national and international groups are now supporting the project.
  • Several book publishers are on board.
  • Several book publicists are on board.
  • The capital required to develop the next phase of the project is clear and being raised.
  • The website has been relaunched to test the use cases.
  • Interview with established and connected authors have been facilitated and recorded.

 Opportunities with :

  • To discover new books and new insights.
  • For authors and publishers, access to a wider audience and increased engagement.
  • For investors, great return with philanthropic and legacy benefits including Literacy and Education.
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