Case Study: Janet Grant

The Vision:

Janet Grant – A Singer and Song-Writer inspiring and empowering others to find their own voice

Comment / Quote:

I am refocussed and clearer on my vision for the future and seeing traction which I never imagined was possible and for which I will always be eternally grateful. Simon and his team are truly amazing. I look forward to seeing the future results and working ongoingly with Simon.


Janet was developing her own courses, and building out her community both in London, and futher afield.

By leveraging web portals and new technologies, the opportunity exists to make a difference to a large number of people who would not normally sing and find their voice, and in time help those with talent and passion produce great results and income from their songs.

At the same time, producing a greater impact into the grass roots community.

The Challenges:

  • Creating a clear vision and helping communicate that message to the key stake holders.
  • Building a robust team that will sustain the veture with or without Janet
  • Building out the business models so that they are ethical and stable
  • Raising the required resources – both technological and capitals

Our Engagement

  • We are engaged as a Strategic Partner with Janet Grant.

Our Results to Date:

  • New songs written
  • Many new collaborative ventures
  • New concerts and festivals arranged including stage time in September
  • Key conversations started with stakeholders including Boris Johnson, the mayor of London.
  • Several team members now enrolled – including graphic designer and web optimisation experts.
  • Tickets sold for the 12/12/12 event.
  • Physical environment issues highlighted and resolution plan in place.
  • Begun new research into new opportunities in collaboration with and
  • Strategic role in place with
  • Poetry and writings published via and other sites.

 Opportunities with  Janet Grant :

  • For people looking to find their voice
  • For existing vocal coaches to reach a new audience
  • For community / government / education groups to widen and enrich their offerings
  • To automate the business systems to leverage the resources
  • International partnerships
  • Leveraging the opening provided to offers other value added services including – recording, life coaching and business services.


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